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Berlin Spring Conf - 19 May 17

District 59 Western & Southern Europe
District 95 Central,Northern & Eastern Europe
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South West Germany      
Division Director Contact Data
Mirja Iannuccelli, ACS ALB Send e-mail
Evening Phone +49 172 7810139
Daytime Phone +49 171 9230060
Mobile +49 171 9230060
Division News

Dear Division F Toastmasters,

I wish us all a fabulous and prosperous Toastmasters Year ahead ! May all our wishes become true !

We have an excellent Team eagerly waiting to start officially. Please support with me our fresh new Area Directors:


Sascha Friedmann – Area Director F1 – Stuttgart, Heilbronn

Oliver Hauss – Area Director F2 – Mannheim, Heidelberg, Ludwigshafen, Ramstein

Darryl Heron – Area Director F3 – Wiesbaden, Mainz, Darmstadt

Kai-Juergen Lietz – Area Director F4 – Frankfurt, Bergstrasse, Bad Homburg

Anke Humpert – Area Director F5 – Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Freiburg

 Good luck and all the best to you !


This is also the first official year for four new clubs that have been founded last year:

Rhetorik - Club Mainz

John Deere Germany Toastmasters

Speaker`s Loft,  Stuttgart

Taunus Toastmasters e.V., Bad Homburg

Our Division has grown to 26 clubs and reaches from Bad Homburg to Freiburg.


An exciting year is ahead of us and I want to bring your attention to 4 main focus areas:

1. Growth and Stability

Stability is the foundation of growth. We need stable clubs – clubs with at least 25 members in which members achieve their educational goals. Stable clubs are able to support new prospective clubs with their experience. I would like to see a lot more collaboration and even partnerships between existing and new clubs. There are a number of initiatives planned and going on to build new clubs in our Division, including Advanced Clubs and multi-lingual clubs.

2. Quality through Education

Our strengths are in the field of empowering our officers at Club Officer Trainings and at winning new members. Almost all clubs managed to recruit at least 8 new members in the past TM year. This is impressive.

However, we have an area for improvement in reaching Educational Awards ! 2015-16 only 60 % of our clubs achieved a number of CC, CL and Advanced Communication and Leadership Awards. I am asking you, club members and officers – to find out why so we can solve these issues together so you become healthy clubs of high quality where members reach their educational goals !

3. Communication

One of my goals this year is to improve communication within our Division to ensure every member feels well informed and knows where and how to find the information he is looking for. This can easily be achieved by opening and using new communication channels – our Facebook Southwest Germany page, our updated (in progress) Division and Area pages in EasySpeak, by a completely new Webpage and by clearly defined lines of communication. I am encouraging you to participate – to post your club achievements, your questions, your planned events and your news and share them with the rest of our Division !

4. Collaboration

We are a team of 26 very unique special clubs, each with its own individual club culture and atmosphere. Our clubs consist out of members with multiple talents and impressive personalities. This is one of our strengths – we can learn from our diversity !

I want to encourage you to visit each others club meetings, to cooperate with each other, to plan and conduct joint events, to build up a network and support each other – on club and on individual level. It does not have to end at the borders of our Division. How about visiting a club in a different Division, Country, District – next time you are travelling ? 

 I am very much looking forward to a great year ahead with you and I hope to get to know as many as possible of you ! Feel free to reach out to me or to your respective Area Director in case of questions. I am interested in your ideas on how to make this a fabulous Division F Toastmasters Year for all of us !


If you are wondering who I am:

Due to the fact that I was born and raised in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) by a german mother and an italian father my mind is German and my heart is Italian. I lived and worked in various cities and countries including US, Japan, Russia, India and Argentina. After moving around a lot I came from Munich to Wiesbaden 3 years ago and that is when I joined Toastmasters. I´m married to my job, working as a project manager for an international consulting company that keeps me travelling around a bit throughout the week.

I am passionate about books, the quietness of archery and swimming, dancing Swing & Lindy Hop, as well as languages and oceans.


But most of all: I am looking forward to being your Division Director this year !


Best wishes,


District 95 Director Division F





Wow! Time flies, doesn't it? But your votes shouldn't

At the Warsaw Conference we're going to have a District Council Meeting (called a VIP meeting by some) where important decisions about this part of Europe will be made.

Each Club President and VPE are a part of it! You carry votes on behalf of your clubs. That's why, Club Presidents and VPEs, you received an email?

If by any chance you won't attend Warsaw Conference, ASSIGN a person FROM YOUR CLUB to pick the voting card by the Credential Desk and to vote on your behalf. You can do it by filling in the form below:






Registration closes 15.11.2016 (by end of day). Only 2 weeks left. If you want to be with us - do it now!  Unbox Yourself!








Welcome to 9127 South Jamaica St. The site of the future Toastmasters International World Headquarters. The transition from the current location in Rancho Santa Margarita, California to the new address just outside of Denver, Colorado is due to be completed in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

Get the full story here:





Dear Fellow Toastmasters, Check your inboxes for this message from Mike Storkey.

Yours in Toastmastering,

Wendy, your Public Relations Manager 2016-2017


Our Clubs
Club Name City Area  Area Director
Stuttgart International Toastmasters Stuttgart F1 Sascha Friedmann
Verdi Rhetorik Toastmasters Stuttgart F1 Sascha Friedmann
Rednermanufaktur Stuttgart Stuttgart F1 Sascha Friedmann
Toastmasters Stuttgart Downtown Club Stuttgart F1 Sascha Friedmann
Heilbronn Toastmasters Club Heilbronn F1 Sascha Friedmann
Rhetorik im Gebrüder Schmid Zentrum Stuttgart F1 Sascha Friedmann
BASF Toastmasters Ludwigshafen F2 Oliver Hauss
Heidelberg International Toastmasters Heidelberg F2 Oliver Hauss
Mannheim International Toastmasters Mannheim F2 Oliver Hauss
Rhetorik Club Mannheim Mannheim F2 Oliver Hauss
Ramstein Speakers Bureau Ramstein F2 Oliver Hauss
John Deere Toastmasters Mannheim F2 Oliver Hauss
Rhetorik Club Wiesbaden Wiesbaden F3 Darryl Heron
Word Weavers Wiesbaden F3 Darryl Heron
Famous Toastmasters Wiesbaden F3 Darryl Heron
Mainzer Rhetorikclub Mainz F3 Darryl Heron
Darmstadt Toastmasters Darmstadt F3 Darryl Heron
Esprit de Corps Frankfurt F4 Kai-Jürgen Lietz
Rhetorik Club Frankfurt Frankfurt F4 Kai-Jürgen Lietz
Business Club Toastmasters Frankfurt F4 Kai-Jürgen Lietz
Taunus Toastmasters Bad Homburg F4 Kai-Jürgen Lietz
Rhetorik Club Bergstrasse Bensheim F4 Kai-Jürgen Lietz
Karlsruhe Toastmasters Club Karlsruhe F5 Anke Humpert
Karlsruhe Redeclub e.V. Karlsruhe F5 Anke Humpert
Speaker´s Loft Stuttgart F5 Anke Humpert
Rhetorik-Club Freiburg Freiburg F5 Anke Humpert

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