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Division B

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 Continental Europe

 District 59

    Division B - BE, NE France

      Area B1

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District 59 Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Monaco

District 95 Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden

District 107 Andorra, Portugal and Spain

District 108 Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

District 109 Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, FYR Macedonia, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City

District 110 Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Rep. of Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine

District U Undistricted Clubs in Europe

Division Information 2019-2020
Division B - BE, NE France
Part of District 59
Division Officers
Immediate Past Div Director Valbona Zefi, ACS ALS E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile +32487666453    
IT Support pm-admin E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: Daytime Phone:
  Mobile (Hidden)    
easy-Speak support Division B Dermot Murphy, DTM E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)    
easy-Speak support Division B pm-admin E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: Daytime Phone:
  Mobile (Hidden)    
easy-Speak support Division B Crista Filip, ACS ALS E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)    
Areas in Division B - BE, NE France
Clubs Division B - BE, NE France
Area Club Name Club Number President E-mail
1 Artful Orators 3684988 pablanch, CC CL (Hidden) Send e-mail
1 EY Toastmasters Belgium 5173701 ansofie_thonnon (Hidden) Send e-mail
1 Shape International 8953 Cunningham Send e-mail
1 The Brussels Toastmasters Club 3286 Allia (Hidden) Send e-mail
1 UPS Toastmasters Club 5739706 SylvinaC (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 Berlaymont Toastmasters 962411 Anke2, CC CL (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 Capgemini Belgium Toastmasters (P) 6787008 ChrisCap (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 Le Club des Orateurs 4935 yvesLB, CC (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 Speakclear Euroclear Corporate TM 5916770 SvenKosack (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 ToastMasterCard Club 1458076 TMCCDhaval (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 Toastmasters Lille 2263308 Annsylvied (Hidden) Send e-mail
3 Aperitivo Toastmasters 5116931 LauraC1, CC (Hidden) Send e-mail
3 Armada Toastmasters 1302036 erikab (Hidden) Send e-mail
3 Black Forest Toastmasters of Brussels 921076 Toddly, ACB ALB (Hidden) Send e-mail
3 Claddagh Toastmasters 895375 DenisJ, CC CL (Hidden) Send e-mail
3 Dacia Toastmasters of Brussels 6046050 scuigres (Hidden) Send e-mail
4 The Zealand Toasters Dow 5156625 NasimH (Hidden) Send e-mail
4 Toastmasters Antwerpen 1225462 Levi_Cl, CC CL (Hidden) Send e-mail
4 Toastmasters Fonske Leuven 1366750 ThomasBlay (Hidden) Send e-mail
4 Toastmasters Gent 1276679 Philverhae (Hidden) Send e-mail
4 Toastmasters Hasselt 1049050 ivan.letar (Hidden) Send e-mail
4 Toastmasters Port of Antwerp 7242261 morganehanssens, CC CL (Hidden) Send e-mail
Data marked 'Hidden' are only available to Club & District Officers

(Easy-Speak ID 244)
Officer History
Date Name Position
Valbona Zefi Division Director
Lucien Bollen Immediate Past Div Director
pm-admin Easy-Speak Support Division B
Crista Filip IT Support
Lucien Bollen Division Director
Crista Filip Immediate Past Div Director
Ignaas Assistant Div Director Change Management
mjouni Assistant Div Director Program Quality
Crista Filip IT Support
PieterJanR Officer training organiser 4
Valbona Zefi Officer training organizer 1
mjouni Officer training organizer 2
ankeseidler Officer training organizer 3
Ignaas Spring conference chair
fabienball Winter conference chair
Crista Filip Division Director
sandraliz Immediate Past Div Director
sandraliz Division Director
danielfra Immediate Past Div Director
danielfra Division Director
Serge Pegoff Immediate Past Div Director

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